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    Entry By: Jody Forehand Inception Date: 07.28.14

    Do Your Own Thing

    God has given your church a specific place and people to minister to. There is no other church in the world exactly like yours, equipped to serve God and your community exactly the way He intends for you to do it. To borrow a...

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    Entry By: Jody Forehand Inception Date: 07.21.14

    To Build or Not to Build

    I doubt that anything I am writing here is really earth shattering news. Most of it is common sense, but as is often the case, common sense can be clouded by tunnel vision, tradition, thinking inside the box,...

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    Entry By: Patrick Jackson Inception Date: 06.10.14
    Entry By: Randall Coy Inception Date: 04.8.14


     Lightbulb Drawn Onto Paper Whilst Brainstorming for an Idea.

    I was recently talking to a good friend when he stated very matter-of-factly, “I wish I was creative, but I just don’t...

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