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    Entry By: Randall Coy Inception Date: 04.8.14


     Lightbulb Drawn Onto Paper Whilst Brainstorming for an Idea.

    I was recently talking to a good friend when he stated very matter-of-factly, “I wish I was creative, but I just don’t...

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    Entry By: Jody Forehand Inception Date: 04.1.14

    Black Hole

    Is your church a black hole in the community? That sounds like a pretty serious allegation. After all black holes are dark spots in the universe. We only know they exist because of the effect of their strong...

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    Entry By: Gary Nicholson Inception Date: 03.27.14

    Building Gluttony


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    Entry By: Mel Mcgowan Inception Date: 03.17.14

    I recently visited the campus of one of the biggest churches in America, which had just spent about $900 per square foot building one of the most impressive meditative “light chapels” in the world, using a local celebrity “starchitect.” I was given a few minutes to give my impressions of their campus and what I felt were missed opportunities that could be addressed with our Visioneering approach to “Design...

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    Entry By: Mel Mcgowan Inception Date: 03.7.14


    Over a third of most church budgets are devoted to space/housing but minimal thought is given to this area. During our first decade at Visioneering Studios, we have joined the...

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